7 Yard Games for Your Memorial Day Weekend (Or Every Weekend!)

Spring is in the air, which means that Memorial Day is right around the corner. 

Typically marked as the unofficial start of summer, Memorial Day weekend is a great time to get together with friends and family, grill out, relax, and play some lawn games. 

Whether you call it cornhole, bags, or bag toss, we have a variety of lawn games for all ages. If you are concerned about social distancing you’ll be happy to know that we have a few options that will allow you to stay (mostly) away from others while you play. 


This racket-based sport is kind of like a mix between tennis and ping pong, with a few variations. Pickleball grew increasingly popular over the pandemic as a way for families and neighbors to stay active without getting too close to each other.

If you’re not sure how to play, we already wrote a guide on pickleball basics and seven rules that are hard for pickleball beginners to learn

Even if you don’t have any equipment, we offer a combo set to get you started which includes a net, two paddles, and 16 balls to get you started. If you want to play 2-on-2 so more people can get in on the fun be sure to check out our pickleball collection to get all the equipment you need! 

 We recommend: 22ft Net Pickleball Bundle Set with 2 Graphite Paddles & 16 Balls 

Cornhole (Bags)

The go-to game of tailgates, picnics, and BBQs across the globe. Did you know that the official game, the one that is shown on ESPN, is actually called cornhole instead of bags? Who knew!

The game is simple: you and your partner stand opposite each other and toss bean bags into a board with a hole in it. 

Since nobody is ever sure of the rules, you should probably check the official rules from the American Cornhole Association (yes, that exists) before you break out the boards.

We offer two versions of cornhole: the “normal” set where each board only has one hole, and an alternate set where each board has 5 holes and different amounts of points are scored depending on the hole you land in. 

We recommend: Portable Cornhole Game Set with 8 Bean Bags or Portable 5 Holes Bean Bag Toss 

Tumbling Tower

Even if you don’t know this game as “Tumbling Tower,” you probably already know how to play. 

The objective is to remove blocks of wood from the tower and place the removed block on the top without it tumbling over. Increasing popular in the outdoor bar scene, now you can have your own jumbo-sized version of this classic game in either a 3ft or 5ft tall tower!

We recommend: Friendswood Tumbling Tower Game - 5 Feet or Friendswood Tumbling Tower Game - 3 Feet

Kubb (Viking Chess)

This is a new and exciting game! It’s kind of like a mix of croquet and bowling.

Each team sets up a row of 6 square-shaped Kubbs and one king Kubb. Each team takes turn underhand tossing wooden dowels at the opposing players’ Kuubs. Once you have knocked over all 6 small Kubbs, you can go after the king Kuub to win the game!

We recommend: Friendswood Kubb Viking Chess Lawn Game

Bocce Ball

This classic game has been played for centuries, even dating back to the time of the US Founding Fathers. George Washington installed a Bocce Ball court at his home in Mount Vernon. 

After tossing the golf-ball-sized white ball (the pallina), players take turns underhand tossing and rolling their colored balls to see who can get closest to the pallina. 

The person whose ball is closest to the pallina at the end of the round scores a point and gets to toss the pallina for the next round. If your ball is touching the pallina at the end of the round you receive 2 points. 

Nobody scores if the pallina is an equal distance from the closest two balls. 

We recommend: 90mm 4-color set or 107mm 2-color competition-grade set 


Ladder Ball Toss

It’s bola time! Toss your colored bola at the ladder on the other side of the court to try to get it to wrap around. Different amounts of points can be awarded depending on if the bola lands on the top, middle, or bottom rung of the ladder. 

Similar to cornhole, ladder toss is usually played to a score of 21 points, but house rules can vary! 

We recommend: Ladder Ball Toss Game Set with 6 Golf Bolas, Red & Blue

Classic Connect 4

Come on, you know how to play this game. Players take turns dropping their colored coins into slots on the board. You win the game by getting 4 of your colored coins in a straight row. A classic game for all age groups!

We recommend: Friendswood 4 in a Row Classic Connect 4 Game, 20 x 20 inch Board


From your friends at A11N Sports, have a happy (and safe!) Memorial Day weekend. 

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