22ft Net Pickleball Bundle Set with 2 Graphite Paddles 16 Balls Combo

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 Set includes a 22ft portable pickleball net + 2 graphite paddles + 16 balls. Choices of hundreds of schools, sports clubs, recreational centers, and departments. A11N Sports Complete Pickleball Game Set can be easily packed up and transported for nonstop play! Start your favorite game anywhere and anytime you want with A11N complete pickleball set today!


What's included

1 x Regulation-sized pickleball net system, designed for all weather conditions with steady metal frame, strong PE net and carrying Bag (22' wide, 36” high at sidelines and 34” tall at the center)
2 x USAPA® approved graphite pickleball paddles
14 x Outdoor pickleball (not USAPA approved)
2 x Indoor pickleball (not USAPA approved)
1 x Sling Backpack


Key Specs

Net Width: 22'
Net Sidelines Height: 36''
Net Center Height: 34''
Paddle Weight: 8 oz.
Paddle Length: 15.55''
Paddle Width: 8.07''
Handle Length: 4.92''
Handle Size: 4.25''
Edge Thickness: 0.16''
Face: Graphite
Core: Polypropylene honeycomb



After you order the bundle, you might receive the items inside (net, paddles and balls) in 1-3 packages on different days, but will be within the estimated shipping time frame.)

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