Pickleball Ball Retriever

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Easier to Pick up Balls

This pickleball ball asscessory makes picking up a pickleball easy without completely bending over. No more kicking the ball to your partner or bending over to pick it up.


Small Investment to Save Your Body

This is a well worth small investment to save your knees , hip and back from fully bending by adding length of your paddle to pick up balls. It reduces your risk of injury and extends your playtime.


User-friendly Design

The cup of the retriever works with both indoor and outdoor pickleball balls. You just simply push the suction cup on top of the ball and lift it up. No worries about falling off, since our deeper cup help grip the ball more firmly.


Commonly-used Size 

Our ball retriever is designed to fit most standard pickleball paddles. It takes one step to attach on your handle and you are ready to play.


Gifts for PB Lovers

It is a gift choice for Pickleball enthusiasts and an ideal solution for the elder or injured players.

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