S40 Outdoor Pickleball Balls- USAPA Approved, 50-pack, Neon Green

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USAPA Approved

A11N S40 Outdoor Pickleballs are approved for the tournament and sanctioned play. Practice with approved balls, improving your real game skills efficiently.

Upgraded Design

Rotation molded one piece design, providing the balls with better performance  and higher stability. Fluorescent color gives it better visibility,  which allows us to locate the ball and return it faster.

Good Balance

Precise-drilled 40 holes and smooth round enhance balance, making the balls more controllable. You will feel it's easier to catch the shots and hit them back.

Bounce Consistently

The A11N unique bounce technology gives the ball sustained lively bounce and holding up very well on the outdoor courts. This ball will be your optimal choice in outdoor playing.


26 grams in weight and 74 mm in diameter. Three packing options are available for you to select: 6-Pack, 12-Pack, 50-Pack.

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