Speed & Agility Training Set | Hurdles | Ladder | Disc Cones | Chute

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Package Includes:

4 x Adjustable Hurdles
1 x Agility Ladder with 4 Steel Stakes
1 x Resistance Parachute 
12 x Disc Cones
1 x Drawstring Bag
1 x User Manual


This is a comprehensive set to meet your multi training needs, such as Soccer, Football, Baseball, Basketball, Lacrosse and etc. Also comes with 4 steel stakes and 1 drawstring bag.


Utilize this combo to create a variety of drills for improving speed, agility, coordination, footwork, balance, and explosiveness. Ideal for all ages for year-round training.


Our speed chute is made from compact polyester and a nylon webbing belt, it has significant resistance. Build your speed and strength in every training.


The quick adjustment feature (7.87 inches to 11.6 inches high) allows for on the fly challenges, perfect for various sports drills.


With our adjustable 8-rung ladder (13.45 ft. long) and 12 disc Cones, you can design a vast variety of footwork drills both indoors and outdoors.


Agility Hurdles (Pack of 4)

Product Specifications:

Adjustable height: 7.9 inches-11.4 inches
Width: 17.8 Inches
Color: Yellow
Material: PVC

Features and Uses:

1. Perfect for training footwork and agility.
2. Customize your drill with two adjustable heights: 7.9 inches - 11.4 inches.
3. Made with lightweight and durable PVC.
4. Yellow color selected for high visibility.
5. Foldable design allows for easy storage.
6. Comes in a pack of 4, allowing you to create a variety of drills.


Speed Resistance Training Chute (1 pack)

Product Specifications:

Adjustable Waist: Approx. 10-32 inch
Material: Fabric and Nylon
Color: Black &White

Features and Uses:

1. Change directions easily with the 360-degree rotation belt.
2. Easy to use - just tie the belt around your waist, resistance increases the faster you run.
3. Trains strength, speed, explosiveness, and stamina.
4. Great for track and field, football, soccer, basketball etc.
5. Adjustable belt fits all.

Agility Ladder (1 pack+ 4 steel stakes)

Product Specifications:

Size: 13.45 ft X 20 in
Adjustable Rungs: 8
Materials: Polyester & PVC
Color: Yellow and Black

Features and Uses:
1. Trains agility, coordination, strength, flexibility, and body control.
2. Great for a variety of agility sports such as soccer, football, tennis, track etc.
3. Suitable for all ages and all levels.
4. Perfect for warm-up and long endurance sets.

Disc Cones (Pack of 12)

Product Specifications:

Height: 1.7 inches
Diameter: 7.6 inches
Material: PVC
Color: Yellow


Features and Uses:
1. Excellent training tool for its multi-functional uses for side-line boundary markers, speed agility drills, obstacles, and targets.
2. Super lightweight and portable.
3. Works in conjunction with the hurdles and agility ladder in designing your training regimen.
4. Great for multi-directional training: forward, backward, and lateral.

Hands_OnReviews the A11N Sports Multi-Function training set:

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