HyperFeather PRO Nomex Core Pickleball Paddle, Pink

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Speed & Explosiveness | Perfect Balance of Power & Control 

Maximum Pop | Shock Dampening | Large Sweet Spot


Specs & Features

Skill Level Beginner to Pro
Weight Avg. 7.5 oz - Ultralightweight feel for enhanced maneuverability
Height 15.55'' - Long among wide-body paddle
Width 8.07'' - Extra wide for largest sweet spot
Handle Length 4.92'' - A bit longer than grip for better ball placement and easy swing
Handle Size 4 1/4 - The most popular grip size
Edge 0.16'' - Ultra-slim for paddle protection and larger surface area 
Core Advanced Nomex honeycomb construction - ideal for those looking for speed and power, dampening vibration, hardest and give explosiveness 
Face 3k Carbon Fiber - Another luxury material besides Nomex core to reduce the likelihood of ball deflection or deformation. Stiffer and stronger than graphite paddles

[Salute the Original Pickleball Pro]

HyperFeather Pro Series paddles use the Nomex core, one of the original core material and still a leader in the pickleball industry, and 3k carbon fiber which is also used as car production material, to endure high-intensity practices to maintain the paddle performance as in the first game. Pro materials and proprietary technology make outstanding paddles to take players' games to the next level.



HyperFeather HyperFeather SE
HyperFeather PRO
Face Material graphite graphite 3k carbon fiber
Core Tech polymer honeycomb polymer honeycomb nomex honeycomb
Avg. Weight 8oz 7.3oz 7.5oz
Surface Area largest largest largest
Package Includes

2x graphite paddle

2x indoor ball

2x outdoor ball

2x paddle cover

2x overgrip roll

1x drawstring bag

2x graphite paddle

4x outdoor ball

1x sling backpack

1x 3k carbon fiber paddle

1x paddle cover

1x overgrip roll

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