11ft Portable Half Court Size Pickleball Net

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Each part of A11N pickleball mini net is inter-connected with a bungee cord to keep parts in order of assembly, easy for one person to install. It also folds up easily when finished. With two foam pieces around one of the braces at each end, the pieces can be fit into and stored in the supplied bag very neatly.


The size is perfect on small roads and driveways and for practicing dink shots! You don't need a lot of room to use it. It fits in a basement as well. This is a good alternative for single play and home use as it fits in most of the space flexibly.


There is a foam protector protects the metal and allows for easy storage of the legs when you take the net back apart and store it in the handy bag that is provided. Lightweight, foldable, and easy to transport wherever you want.


Not only can you play single-player pickleball games, but your kids can also play kid’s tennis and soccer tennis on the beach, driveway, backyards, parks, and any flat area!


Feeling bored and stressed during this tough period? Try playing pickleball! It’s a great diversion and keeps your families outside playing instead of inside wanting to watch TV! 

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