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Special Gift for Your Special One: Pickleball Gift Idea from A11N

  When holidays are coming, are you always worried about what is the best gift for your special one who is a pickleball enthusiast? Or too many pickleball products are listed on the page making you dazzled and get a “decidophobia” in choosing a suitable one? No more worries! We are here to help now.   We prepared some products for your reference below depending on people’s different pickleball levels and needs for pickleball play. Just follow the guide below and we believe your special one is going to love the gift from you!   For Pickleball Beginners HyperFeather SE and R Pickleball Set Including 2 recreational paddles, 4 balls and a bag, these pickleball paddle sets are specially created...

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Why Choosing Pickleball

Pickleball, created in the US in 1965, boasts an impressive history of 59 years. Fast forward to last year, 2023, pickleball has become one of the rapidly growing sports in the United States and according to the Pickleball Participation Report by the 2023 APP Tour, it is estimated that there are total 36.5 million pickleball players nationwide! If you are a newbie of pickelball or even haven’t tried this sport before, here are 6 main reasons for why you need to give pickleball a shot and join this fast-developing community right away!   Pickleball is a sport suitable for all ages Pickleball offers exciting opportunities for players of all ages. As a game played on a court that is one-third the size of a tennis court, pickleball...

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A11N & PHASE ONE Team Up for Cancer Research Fundraising

A11N donated twenty pickleball nets to PHASE ONE for their FACT pickleball fundraising event held on Oct. 22. To date, this event has raised $269,000 which will be used for cancer research. What is FACT? FACT is short for the Freeman Aces Cancer Tournament. Originally, the Freeman family created FACTT, Freeman Aces Cancer Tennis Tournament. This annual charity tennis event ran for 11 years raising significant amounts of money and boosting awareness for cancer research and the Norris Cancer Center at USC. October 22nd, 2022 marked the second annual FACT event. This event took place at the Mulholland Tennis Club in Los Angeles.   What is PHASE ONE? PHASE ONE is a Los Angeles-based nonprofit dedicated to supporting ground-breaking Phase...

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22ft Portable Pickleball Net Review

All in all, I think the major differentiating and strong points of this net are:  Dedicated snap-in hole for the center pole unlike other brands, it doesn’t just float/hang/or attach with velcro Snap together pieces unlike other brands, this net snaps together and keeps a firm locked position. The makes moving it easier as the poles only come apart when the player wants them to Reinforced center pole pouch Unlike other brands, the A11N net reinforces their product at a common failure point found in competing products Net height goes to ground unlike other nets, this net goes all to way to the ground giving a more finished look and prevents balls from going under the net accidentally All in...

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Play Pickleball Like a Pro: 7 Pickleball Rules That Are Hard for Beginners!

Although pickleball has been around for more than 50 years, it has gained more popularity recently as people are looking for ways to stay physically active while maintaining safe social dinstanding guidelines.  We hope that you continue to play pickleball after the pandemic and social distancing concerns have passed, but if you are new to the sport, we understand that you might not know exactly how to play!  This guide gives you a quick overview of the equipment needed to play pickleball, how the court should be set up, and a list of seven rules that can be hard for new pickleball players to understand.  How Many People Do You Need To Play?  Pickleball is usually played with two people...

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