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Heat Up Your Outdoor Play in Spring: 8 tips to keep your pickleball game warm in cold weather

Calling all pickleballers! Spring is just around the corner, bringing a fresh burst of life, positivity, and renewal. So it’s time to get redy for your spring activities with a game of outdoor pickleball! Although the weather and temperature may still be chilly during early spring, we have your back to ensure your time on the courts is nothing short of enjoyable.  Follow the tips below, equip yourself with A11N Pickleball Gear, and get your first game in this spring!




Tips Before the Play:

1. Choose your pickleball gear

A11N offers a diverse selection of high-quality pickleball gear for players of all skill levels. However, to start your spring days with vigor and energy, A11N's Portable Pickleball Net Bundle might be the best choice. This comprehensive bundle includes all the essentials for an exciting game: a durable net, two paddles, and six outdoor balls. Not only does this pickleball set provide everything you need, but its vibrant colors and exceptional performance will light up your passion for spring pickleball games.


2. Be sure to do enough warm-up stretches

It’s essential to do a warm-up first. A proper warm-up not only heats up your body effectively but also activates your muscles to decrease the risk of injury in the game. Colder temperatures require longer warm-up time, so a warm-up stretches routine is crucial to your first pickleball game this spring.


3. Keep your hands warm

Hand and wrist motions are key elements in pickleball, therefore, fully heating your hand before starting a game can help you handle the cold weather well. You can use hand warmers or simply wrap your hands around a bottle of warm water to raise the temperature after stretching exercises. This will help you be better ready for action and maintain a good grip on the paddle.


4. Choose suitable clothes to wear before starting the game 

We would like to introduce the ORORO Heated Vest to pickleballers. Instead of simply layering up, which may lead to clumsiness and reduced range of motion that may impede your agility on the court, prioritizing lightweight and comfortable apparel is key. Putting on an ORORO heated vest can help you stay warm and flexible, allowing you to move around the court with ease.


“I love it!

Fits great. So warm and comfy. I love the heating element in the collar. Keeps my neck toasty. Now I can continue to play pickleball outside in the colder temps.”

——Cynthia Huge


Tips During Play:

1. Drink enough water and keep yourself hydrated throughout the game.

In lower temperatures, people will easily lose fluids and electrolytes through sweat and breathing, so you need to rehydrate by drinking water. But don’t drink too much at one time since it can affect your body’s ability to remove water and make your body feel sluggish when moving. We suggest you drink 5-7 ounces of fluid for every 15-20min of play.


2. Keep moving

Engaging in high-intensity movements during gameplay helps to regulate blood flow and maintain muscle temperature. Sustained activity of your hands, arms, legs, and feet plays a crucial role in preserving the warmth of your core. 


Tips After Play:

1. Cool down after an intense pickleball game

When playing pickleball in colder temperatures, you will cool down fast, so it’s important to learn to cool down properly before you finish the game. We recommend gradually decreasing the intensity of your exercise during the last 10 minutes. This gradual cooldown allows your body to transition smoothly from the active state to a resting state, helping to regulate your temperature and minimize the risk of discomfort. Afterward, when your breathing and heart rate have returned to normal, you can repeat your warm-up routine and incorporate static stretching exercises to avoid muscle soreness and clear out the exercise byproducts in your body.


2. Remember to take a warm shower when you get back home

You can't deny that a warm shower after a pickleball game in colder temperatures can be an excellent post-exercise relief. It helps you recover from the intense pickleball game quickly and refreshes your mind to better devote to your work or study on spring days.

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