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Exploring the Differences between Indoor and Outdoor Pickleball Balls

In the dynamic world of pickleball, one crucial element often dictates the flow and feel of the game: the choice between indoor and outdoor balls. Just as the sport itself adapts to various environments, so do the balls used on the court. Understanding the differences between indoor and outdoor pickleball balls is fundamental for players seeking to optimize their performance and enjoyment of the game. Let's dive into the characteristics that set these two types apart and explore how they impact the pickleball experience.   Holes on the ball Number of holes: Outdoor balls have more holes than indoor balls. Outdoor ball: 40 holes(standard); Indoor ball: 26 holes(standard) Size of holes: Outdoor balls have smaller holes than indoor balls.  The...

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Paddle TLC: Caring for Your Pickleball Paddle to Ensure Consistent Performance

The longevity of a pickleball paddle varies from person to person even if they use the same model. With frequent play, your paddle will inevitably experience wear and tear. However, by employing proper and effective cleaning techniques, even avid players can extend the lifespan of their paddle, ensuring optimal performance over time.    Store your paddle in the right place Never put your paddle in a damp basement or storage room. The wet air will make the paddle retain moisture as water will easily become trapped in the honeycomb-style construction, resulting in the paddle becoming soft and lacking the rigidity to withstand powerful and intense ball hits during play. Also, it is advisable to utilize a paddle cover. This protective...

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Heat Up Your Outdoor Play in Spring: 8 tips to keep your pickleball game warm in cold weather

Calling all pickleballers! Spring is just around the corner, bringing a fresh burst of life, positivity, and renewal. So it’s time to get redy for your spring activities with a game of outdoor pickleball! Although the weather and temperature may still be chilly during early spring, we have your back to ensure your time on the courts is nothing short of enjoyable.  Follow the tips below, equip yourself with A11N Pickleball Gear, and get your first game in this spring!       Tips Before the Play: 1. Choose your pickleball gear A11N offers a diverse selection of high-quality pickleball gear for players of all skill levels. However, to start your spring days with vigor and energy, A11N's Portable Pickleball...

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Special Gift for Your Special One: Pickleball Gift Idea from A11N

  When holidays are coming, are you always worried about what is the best gift for your special one who is a pickleball enthusiast? Or too many pickleball products are listed on the page making you dazzled and get a “decidophobia” in choosing a suitable one? No more worries! We are here to help now.   We prepared some products for your reference below depending on people’s different pickleball levels and needs for pickleball play. Just follow the guide below and we believe your special one is going to love the gift from you!   For Pickleball Beginners HyperFeather SE and R Pickleball Set Including 2 recreational paddles, 4 balls and a bag, these pickleball paddle sets are specially created...

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Why Choose Pickleball

Pickleball, created in the US in 1965, boasts an impressive history of 59 years. Fast forward to last year, 2023, pickleball has become one of the rapidly growing sports in the United States and according to the Pickleball Participation Report by the 2023 APP Tour, it is estimated that there are total 36.5 million pickleball players nationwide! If you are a newbie of pickelball or even haven’t tried this sport before, here are 6 main reasons for why you need to give pickleball a shot and join this fast-developing community right away!   Pickleball is a sport suitable for all ages Pickleball offers exciting opportunities for players of all ages. As a game played on a court that is one-third the size of a tennis court, pickleball...

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