HyperFeather SE Pickleball Paddle Set of 2

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USAPA Approved | Grab & Go Set

7.3 oz Lightweight Feel | Graphite Face | Polymer Core


A11N HyperFeather SE pickleball paddles have passed the USAPA testing and is approved for associated tournament play. It's a grab-and-go set, including two rackets, 4 outdoor balls, and 1 sling bag at your disposal.


Weighing only 7.3oz, this paddle offers you better maneuverability and quicker reactions to the balls. First choice for newbies or players who have elbow/shoulder injuries.


Our pickleball racquet is suitable for most players because of its “Medium Grip” size: 4.25” in circumference and 4.92" in length. The sweat absorbent cushion grip not only brings you comfort but reduces pressure for your hypothenar muscles.


Composed of a graphite surface and a polymer honeycomb core, this racket provides a balance between ball control and hitting power, while reducing noise for you during play in a gated community or shared gym space where noise is a disturbing factor.


The broader racquet width (8.07’’) and the slim-trim edge guard not only create an extra-large sweet spot to reduce mishits but also protect the paddle from hitting the ground.  



HyperFeather HyperFeather SE
HyperFeather PRO
Face Material graphite graphite 3k carbon fiber
Core Tech polymer honeycomb polymer honeycomb nomex honeycomb
Avg. Weight 8oz 7.3oz 7.5oz
Surface Area largest largest largest
Package Includes

2x graphite paddle

2x indoor ball

2x outdoor ball

2x paddle cover

2x overgrip roll

1x drawstring bag

2x graphite paddle

4x outdoor ball

1x sling backpack

1x 3k carbon fiber paddle

1x paddle cover

1x overgrip roll


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