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Special Gift for Your Special One: Pickleball Gift Idea from A11N


When holidays are coming, are you always worried about what is the best gift for your special one who is a pickleball enthusiast? Or too many pickleball products are listed on the page making you dazzled and get a “decidophobia” in choosing a suitable one? No more worries! We are here to help now.


We prepared some products for your reference below depending on people’s different pickleball levels and needs for pickleball play. Just follow the guide below and we believe your special one is going to love the gift from you!


For Pickleball Beginners

HyperFeather SE and R Pickleball Set

Including 2 recreational paddles, 4 balls and a bag, these pickleball paddle sets are specially created for pickleball beginners to fulfill their basic needs for this sport and enjoy the fun of play.

Pickleball Ball Retriever

This ball retriever makes picking up a pickleball easy without completely bending over, reducing the risk of injury and extending the playtime for pickleball beginners.

Waist Pickleball Holder

By using this pickleball holder, pickleball beginners can carry 6 balls at one time, which helps them focus on their games more rather than always chasing after the balls on the courts.


For Pickleball Intermediate Players (Skill level below 4.5)

Carry Series

This paddle is a great option for an intermediate player because of its extraordinary features and affordable price. Aiming at maximizing the spin and control in the play, Carry Series has become a favorite among many intermediate players.

Pickleball Backpack

Every intermediate player can't refuse to get a pickleball backpack. This durable and fashionable pickleball bag can offer good protection for their pickleball equipment and elevate their performance on the courts.

Pickleball Lead Tape

Lead tape can be a helpful pickleball partner for intermediate players who want to make their paddles heavier to create more power in the game. It is a necessary pickleball accessory widely used by many pickleball players.


For Pickleball Advanced Players (Skill level is 4.5+)

Zenith Series

Zenith Series can be the best weapon of choice for advanced players. It has amazed many 4.5+ players with its excellent power and spin, therefore, it is a suitable gift choice for those who compete fiercely on the courts.

Portable Ball Hopper

Many advanced players participate in different pickleball tournaments from time to time, so this ball hopper containing up to 100 balls provides an ideal solution for their extensive practice sessions.

Zenith Tournament Pickleball Backpack

Advanced players always have plenty of pickleball equipment including their backups. Therefore, a large-capacity tournament backpack is essential for an advanced player, helping them sort all their pickleball equipment prepared for a play/tournament.


For Fun and Socialization

Luminous Pickleball

This glow-in-the-dark pickleball can add fun to the pickleball game at nighttime, in the dark or under black light. (Click the link to see the amazing luminous effect of the balls:

A11N LITE 22ft Pickleball Net Set

Everything you need for pickleball fun is in this single set, including a portable pickleball net, 4 pickleball paddles, 4 pickleball balls, a court marker, and a carrying bag. Easily pack up and bring your game wherever you go with family or friends.


For different conditions of playing

With the rapidly growing of pickleball, many cities find it hard to provide enough pickleball courts to fulfill people’s needs for playing in time. So a pickleball net is a perfect gift for pickleball players who play frequently but hard to find available courts from time to time.


11ft Portable Net for Driveway

At House Backyard/In Neighborhood

22ft Portable Pickleball Net System

On Random Pickleball Courts

Pro 22ft Pickleball Net

In Pickleball Clubs

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